Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Great Escape II

Hammie:  Do we always have to sit in these car seats?
Audrey:  Yeah.  It's boring.
Hammie:  I will sneek out!
Hammie:  I want to sit by the window so I can pretend to be in an airplane!
Audrey:  You'll get into trouble!
Hammie:  No I won't!  We will get back in our seats before anyone see's.
Hammie:  Did you hear that?  Someone's coming?
Audrey:  I didn't hear anything.

Audrey: Hammie!  You're going to fall!
Hammie:  No I am not!  Don't let go!
Hammie:  Come on, Audrey, I'll catch you!
Audrey:  I think we better go back, Hammie, I am scared we will get into trouble!

Hammie:  I want to have lots of adventures!  We won't get into trouble Nanny is sleeping!
Audrey:  I guess we can, but I don't want to get a spanking!  Nanny said we had to stay in our seats and we didn't!

Hammie:  I hear somebody coming!  Quick...get back in your seat!

Audrey:  Uh Oh.  We're in the wrong seats!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Audrey Meets Hammie

Audrey: Are you in there, Hammie?
Hammie: That's for me to know and you to find out!

Audrey: I like your pink pillow! Baby likes it too!
Hammie: It's not pink! It's Indian Desert!

Hammie: BOO!

Audrey: EEK!

Audrey: You're silly, Hammie.
Hammie: You're a 'fraidy cat.

Audrey: You're naked and bald! (giggling)
Hammie: I KNOW.

Audrey: I want to pretend I am arriving too.
Hammie: Okay, you pretend, I am going to get put together.

Audrey: You look better, but funny.
Hammie: I know, I haven't got the right eyes yet.
Audrey: You look like you have bug eyes!
Hammie: The better to bug you with! hahahahhahaha

Audrey: I love you Hammie!