Monday, May 10, 2010

Test #2

Testing posting from live writer

Moving This Blog to Another Account

I have had enough troubles with the email account that I started this blog with.  It seems once a yahoo email gets snarled, it is impossible to untangle.  Everything contained here has been moved to here

Which is the same name of this blog.  Sigh.  All the posts were saved and moved, this one will be deleted in a couple of days.

You will need to sign up again if you are a member or watcher.  If you belong to mycompaniondoll group on yahoo groups, you will automatically get an update when I post.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

She’s Got Me Wrapped Around Her Little Pinky!

Pink, I am obsessed with pink.  I use to hate pink.  Trucking has ruined me.  I seek the feminine now.

I start gaze these photos:




I always tend to go with a more real look, but I am having a hard time resisting this pinky innocence.

I couldn’t find any white eyelashes that I thought would work, so I found PINK!

pink eyelashes

Here I invest in a pink wig and lashes, but will most likely go with another colour.  Still, I must try it, even if only briefly.

The auctions are up.

DZ Sis

DZ Ami

DZ Fei

DIM Eunbi

Silly Lizzy


Sis already has a bid on her.  Still, I am more anxious about getting home right now that I am about the changes.  I am sure it will hit me hard sooner or later.  I am still sure I am doing the right thing, but I can’t help but be sad about it.

Think pink, think pink……

Friday, May 7, 2010

The countdown begins!

10, 9, 8…..Well, sort of.  Actually I am hoping it will be 7 more days or less.  We are taking a meat load to the Bronx, NYC, due on May 8th.  Then it will be one long haul or two short hauls in order to get us home close to the 15th as they can.  It all depends on where we are and if there is a load to take to Colorado.  This only becomes a huge deal when I have something at home waiting for me!  Yes, I am obsessing and becoming a bore about it.

I have been envisioning how it will all be when we arrive.  What to do first, to be ever so ready to open the box.  Yes, it gets crazy like this when you have too much time on your hands.  I HAVE to do something!

I am still thinking of eye and hair combinations.

  • Pink-blonde hair with blue, lavender, cream or dark grey eyes.
  • Soft beige blonde hair with blue, lavender, cream or brown eyes.
  • Auburn hair with green, blue or lavender eyes.
  • Dark brown hair with brown, blue or dark grey eyes.

Then there’s short hair, long hair, bob or wild curls to think about.  So many things to yet discover about her.  Hanging in limbo is so annoying!  I want to play NOW!

While I had promised myself not to buy another thing for Evie, I found a pattern I could not resist.  Click to enlarge.

Evie Pattern I don’t need a pattern for the puffy dresses, but I like the two plaid dresses, the sailor outfits and the adorable blue coat and cap.  Evie will be 18 inches tall and thinner than this pattern will be (for 19 inch dolls, Toni) but I can adjust the pattern and if nothing else, see what the shape of the pattern pieces are and make my own.  I like the style and shape of the clothes and I think they will suit Little Evie very well.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Many Faces of Evie

Nothing new.  Just waiting.  And waiting for the days to pass in order to get to my Evie.  I read this morning on DOA some wonderful comments about Seola and her posing.  I read that many feel that Dollstown sculpts have so many expressions that seem to change.  I like that.  My hopes are hoping that I have found what I have been seeking.

I like unusual faces.  I like quirky looks.  I was looking at my Blue Book for Dolls and loved so many wonderful faces that just beamed with personality.  I would like Evie to beam again, to shine in her new body, to be herself.  When I do her faceup, I will be asking her guidance to make her as she wishes to be.  I know Evie likes plain and soft.  I have done her face so many times, I just know what she will look like.  The one face up that she had when she traveled with me on the truck was interesting because I think it reflected how she was feeling, alienated and estranged.  How has Evie evolved?  I do not have access to her many photo's on this computer, but I do have her very first photo session after I brought her back from Denver Doll in 2006:

She had a ski jump nose and an anime style faceup by DIM.  Here is a clearer photo:

She's had all kinds of changes since these first photo's.  Her faceups have been pale and pinkish, dark and brooding and everything in between.  But always, always, she would look like my Evie, as though I could see her at every stage of life.  Sometimes she looked like a young teen, other times she looked like an adult.

She has been as changeable as the wind. Soft and sweet, crabby and disagreeable.  She's been the best companion as far as a relationship goes, but I feel as though I don't know her as well as I could.  Between my preoccupation with my own lifestyle change and her withdrawal in the last year, we have some making up to do!  I have been wondering if her younger self will bring out more nurturing in me?  More cheerfulness in her? Will things blossom and grow between us when there aren't any others to interfere?  Will she play more?  Participate more?  Be happier? More crabby and sulky?  lol.  I feel her presence so strongly, it seems to grow by the day.

I think about the last time I was on home time, when I held her and played with wig changes, when I tried to feel a sense of her and she was barely there.  Like a ghost, she was just a whisper of a remembrance.  I didn't know what to think or to do.  She says she is fading, and I understand.  I think a revival is in order!

Monday, May 3, 2010

More Musing

Yesterday I found a whole new source of photo’s of Seola.  I also found a design of the name, it comes from a book that was written in the 1800’s about a woman named Seola.  It has to do with biblical times, sometime around Noah and the flooding.  I didn’t research it further, but liked the book’s cover design:

seola name

Pretty, isn’t it?  Anyways, I added a gazillion new gorgeous photo’s to my Seola folder and put my head phones on, played Vivaldi and watched the slide show of Seola in all her moods, disguises and colours.  I definitely have my favourites, some are really sad, some are mean looking and quite a few look drugged out, but the sweet ones are a pure delight.  They call to me, they look like my Evie once did, before she copped an attitude.

When did Evie get difficult?  We were so happy together for such a long time.  I think it started with Belsant Tower.  When I built that tower and started the stories.  It brought in new dolls, dolls that I expected her to have a relationship with, in the name of the story.  She wore clothes she hated (period costuming), she was given a sad story to work with and she started to get crabby.

I do feel bad about those days.  I admit I was obsessed with the whole Belsant thing and constantly wanted new characters.  I also insisted on her and Silas being together, but she has always hated boys.  She has always hated babysitting too, which meant that anyone that I brought in that was younger than her, she resented.  She has been my most anti-social companion of all.  All the way back in 2007 I remember the time she sat on the picnic table on the patio and confessed to me that she didn’t want the OTHERS, she just wanted to be my companion.  She said she missed us being us.  I felt so guilty, because my addiction to dolls was just cresting at the time.  If I loved Evie so much, couldn’t I love a whole bunch more?

And now, it is finally moving in back into the one and only direction.  It’s really amazing how our lives took this huge turn in 2008 and now the things we all really wanted are possible.  Evie is getting her dearest wish, I am getting mine and even my husband is happy about returning home.  All because of this trucking thing.  When all the doors closed on us, a window opened.  A window full of bright light.

While the last of the details are not finished, I am so incredibly relieved that it will soon be over.  With Evie by my side, I will no longer feel the sadness and angst over leaving anyone behind and abandoned.  With Evie as my companion, I will be content again.  One companion, one life to share. 

Now for Evie’s body.  I was looking at pictures of her older self last night.  Right up to the decision breakthrough, I was unable to consider for more than a few seconds at a time of letting her body go.  For the first time, last night, I didn’t see her in the body!  Whether this is because I have been seeing her in Seola’s body, or my mind has finally accepted the transference, I really don’t know.  I am almost laughing about it, because I have always seen Evie as younger than that adult body.  She has a chance to have a relationship with the two adult males I brought into the house, but nope, not Evie.  She wanted nothing to do with them, except she did like Evan enough to consider him a brother-friend. 

I have been thinking….musing….that Evie may very well be a happier 7 year old than she was as an adult.  She never did feel comfortable in corsets and gowns and finery.  Well, I have my antiques dolls adore the finery and the gowns, so Evie can wear play clothes and be herself, the very thing she always wanted.  Eleven or so more days until she is all mine again.  In a few days, I will prepare the eBay auctions again so that I can mail out while on home time, if any are adopted.  I’ll put links here when I do.  They will be:

Dollzone Ami, Sis, Fei

and Lizzy, the homemade lush.  lol  When I am home, I’ll decide on Evie’s old body and probably do a quick 3 day auction to see if there is interest.

In July I will decide on Audrey and Hammie. They are still the ones I am reluctant to decide their fate.  Audrey in particular.  But my determination to go back to a one an only is so very strong.  The right thing will happen when I am ready for it.  So far, all that I have decided feels so good and so right.  The relief it brings is incredible!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tutorials Ahead

I have the memory of a sieve.  I just remembered more things that I have for little Evie.  Like vintage Crissy shoes, a vintage plaid cape (and other misc vintage clothing) and a toilet!  lol.

I will do a complete tutorial on doing a face up and body blushing.  Stay tuned around the 15th of this month.  I'll show it step by step and the way to shade and blend colours.  I will be using dry pastels, pencils and white shimmer powder.  I will be also using Testers Dullcote for the sealer.  The body blushing will be to enhance realism and geared towards lasting through heavy play.  I will also do a manicure in the french style, natural pink with white tips and moon, with shading around the nail bed.  So if you are interested....I'll post a better date when I know the day I can sit and work it all out.  I'll photo it in steps as it happens.  Oh, and I will be re-shaping one hand in order for her to hold a pencil and a spoon, so if you are interesting in how that's done, I'll do a tutorial on that.  If she needs sueding, I get that photographed too.

I have been gazing at my space (bunk bed) on the truck, imagining how I will manage her with me.  I think that I will use a long and narrow container I have for a bed, not sure what to call it.  It is leather like, firmly shaped (hard bottom) with a firm short strap.  Sort of something one would put yarn or magazines in.  I think it would made a good bed and there is a place by my head that it would fit.

See where the black case is?  I think it would fit there.  When I sleep, I toss the two big pillows to the side and have a feather pillow underneath, so that whole area is open and there is plenty of room.  I can make a mattress and pillow for the container, perhaps s few pockets on the inside for her books and toys.
It is similar to this item, only oval in shape and with the strap going over the middle to the other side with a buckle. 

It should protect her while I sleep, but keep her near.  I tried hanging up the hammock I made for big Evie, but it takes up too much room.

I am also thinking that I will limit what she brings with her, in the small suitcase I have used before.  Clothing and accessories can be switched out as needed.  Back at the apartment, I am planning on setting up a small work table as her "room", putting all the furniture there for her to have a place to place while I sew.

I am not going to put little Evie in a particular era, she will be in the present time, but I do want to make clothing fairly similar to the 1960's,  like the clothing I wore. Since I have my Victorians (Miette and Charlotte) I really don't need to dress her up in long dresses with all the ruffles.  I see her in play clothes and jumpers, A line short dresses, shorts and a summer tops....etc.  I think the style will really suit her.  I keep staring at the lovely hands she has, the fingers are all separated, so I feel almost giddy with the possibility of making gloves for her someday.  A pair of white dress gloves and perhaps even winter ones from wool!  I have always wanted to do that.

I think I am going crazy with the wait!