Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tutorials Ahead

I have the memory of a sieve.  I just remembered more things that I have for little Evie.  Like vintage Crissy shoes, a vintage plaid cape (and other misc vintage clothing) and a toilet!  lol.

I will do a complete tutorial on doing a face up and body blushing.  Stay tuned around the 15th of this month.  I'll show it step by step and the way to shade and blend colours.  I will be using dry pastels, pencils and white shimmer powder.  I will be also using Testers Dullcote for the sealer.  The body blushing will be to enhance realism and geared towards lasting through heavy play.  I will also do a manicure in the french style, natural pink with white tips and moon, with shading around the nail bed.  So if you are interested....I'll post a better date when I know the day I can sit and work it all out.  I'll photo it in steps as it happens.  Oh, and I will be re-shaping one hand in order for her to hold a pencil and a spoon, so if you are interesting in how that's done, I'll do a tutorial on that.  If she needs sueding, I get that photographed too.

I have been gazing at my space (bunk bed) on the truck, imagining how I will manage her with me.  I think that I will use a long and narrow container I have for a bed, not sure what to call it.  It is leather like, firmly shaped (hard bottom) with a firm short strap.  Sort of something one would put yarn or magazines in.  I think it would made a good bed and there is a place by my head that it would fit.

See where the black case is?  I think it would fit there.  When I sleep, I toss the two big pillows to the side and have a feather pillow underneath, so that whole area is open and there is plenty of room.  I can make a mattress and pillow for the container, perhaps s few pockets on the inside for her books and toys.
It is similar to this item, only oval in shape and with the strap going over the middle to the other side with a buckle. 

It should protect her while I sleep, but keep her near.  I tried hanging up the hammock I made for big Evie, but it takes up too much room.

I am also thinking that I will limit what she brings with her, in the small suitcase I have used before.  Clothing and accessories can be switched out as needed.  Back at the apartment, I am planning on setting up a small work table as her "room", putting all the furniture there for her to have a place to place while I sew.

I am not going to put little Evie in a particular era, she will be in the present time, but I do want to make clothing fairly similar to the 1960's,  like the clothing I wore. Since I have my Victorians (Miette and Charlotte) I really don't need to dress her up in long dresses with all the ruffles.  I see her in play clothes and jumpers, A line short dresses, shorts and a summer tops....etc.  I think the style will really suit her.  I keep staring at the lovely hands she has, the fingers are all separated, so I feel almost giddy with the possibility of making gloves for her someday.  A pair of white dress gloves and perhaps even winter ones from wool!  I have always wanted to do that.

I think I am going crazy with the wait!

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