Friday, May 7, 2010

The countdown begins!

10, 9, 8…..Well, sort of.  Actually I am hoping it will be 7 more days or less.  We are taking a meat load to the Bronx, NYC, due on May 8th.  Then it will be one long haul or two short hauls in order to get us home close to the 15th as they can.  It all depends on where we are and if there is a load to take to Colorado.  This only becomes a huge deal when I have something at home waiting for me!  Yes, I am obsessing and becoming a bore about it.

I have been envisioning how it will all be when we arrive.  What to do first, to be ever so ready to open the box.  Yes, it gets crazy like this when you have too much time on your hands.  I HAVE to do something!

I am still thinking of eye and hair combinations.

  • Pink-blonde hair with blue, lavender, cream or dark grey eyes.
  • Soft beige blonde hair with blue, lavender, cream or brown eyes.
  • Auburn hair with green, blue or lavender eyes.
  • Dark brown hair with brown, blue or dark grey eyes.

Then there’s short hair, long hair, bob or wild curls to think about.  So many things to yet discover about her.  Hanging in limbo is so annoying!  I want to play NOW!

While I had promised myself not to buy another thing for Evie, I found a pattern I could not resist.  Click to enlarge.

Evie Pattern I don’t need a pattern for the puffy dresses, but I like the two plaid dresses, the sailor outfits and the adorable blue coat and cap.  Evie will be 18 inches tall and thinner than this pattern will be (for 19 inch dolls, Toni) but I can adjust the pattern and if nothing else, see what the shape of the pattern pieces are and make my own.  I like the style and shape of the clothes and I think they will suit Little Evie very well.

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