Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Many Faces of Evie

Nothing new.  Just waiting.  And waiting for the days to pass in order to get to my Evie.  I read this morning on DOA some wonderful comments about Seola and her posing.  I read that many feel that Dollstown sculpts have so many expressions that seem to change.  I like that.  My hopes are hoping that I have found what I have been seeking.

I like unusual faces.  I like quirky looks.  I was looking at my Blue Book for Dolls and loved so many wonderful faces that just beamed with personality.  I would like Evie to beam again, to shine in her new body, to be herself.  When I do her faceup, I will be asking her guidance to make her as she wishes to be.  I know Evie likes plain and soft.  I have done her face so many times, I just know what she will look like.  The one face up that she had when she traveled with me on the truck was interesting because I think it reflected how she was feeling, alienated and estranged.  How has Evie evolved?  I do not have access to her many photo's on this computer, but I do have her very first photo session after I brought her back from Denver Doll in 2006:

She had a ski jump nose and an anime style faceup by DIM.  Here is a clearer photo:

She's had all kinds of changes since these first photo's.  Her faceups have been pale and pinkish, dark and brooding and everything in between.  But always, always, she would look like my Evie, as though I could see her at every stage of life.  Sometimes she looked like a young teen, other times she looked like an adult.

She has been as changeable as the wind. Soft and sweet, crabby and disagreeable.  She's been the best companion as far as a relationship goes, but I feel as though I don't know her as well as I could.  Between my preoccupation with my own lifestyle change and her withdrawal in the last year, we have some making up to do!  I have been wondering if her younger self will bring out more nurturing in me?  More cheerfulness in her? Will things blossom and grow between us when there aren't any others to interfere?  Will she play more?  Participate more?  Be happier? More crabby and sulky?  lol.  I feel her presence so strongly, it seems to grow by the day.

I think about the last time I was on home time, when I held her and played with wig changes, when I tried to feel a sense of her and she was barely there.  Like a ghost, she was just a whisper of a remembrance.  I didn't know what to think or to do.  She says she is fading, and I understand.  I think a revival is in order!

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