Saturday, May 8, 2010

She’s Got Me Wrapped Around Her Little Pinky!

Pink, I am obsessed with pink.  I use to hate pink.  Trucking has ruined me.  I seek the feminine now.

I start gaze these photos:




I always tend to go with a more real look, but I am having a hard time resisting this pinky innocence.

I couldn’t find any white eyelashes that I thought would work, so I found PINK!

pink eyelashes

Here I invest in a pink wig and lashes, but will most likely go with another colour.  Still, I must try it, even if only briefly.

The auctions are up.

DZ Sis

DZ Ami

DZ Fei

DIM Eunbi

Silly Lizzy


Sis already has a bid on her.  Still, I am more anxious about getting home right now that I am about the changes.  I am sure it will hit me hard sooner or later.  I am still sure I am doing the right thing, but I can’t help but be sad about it.

Think pink, think pink……

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