Friday, April 30, 2010

Two Weeks

Two more weeks yet to endure.  Sigh.

Everything has been plotted, planned, listed, sorted, re-arranged, all in the name of little Evie.  In some ways it is really strange to plan for someone you already know.  That is, IF it is my Evie.  There is nothing absolute in the about it, anything can happen and often does… laid plans and all that.


But I am happy.  Content and happy and looking forward to the whole experience, whatever it will be.  I realize the whole expectations thing may blow up in my face, but in the end I will have what I want….a one and only.  Who is behind door number 3?


We will most likely deliver in Denver or Pueblo.  Sometimes it is late at night and we arrive where we have an apartment at 2 am, which means I have to wait ANOTHER day to go and get little Evie’s body at my parents house.  Think I will be able to sleep?  lol.  It’ll work though, because I can at least pick out an outfit, bring a wig and set of eyes to bring her home in.  We’ll likely stay at my parents for half a day, so I want to get to know how her body works and how she moves.  If we arrive early in the morning, coming down from Denver, I am thinking of having my husband drop me off in Monument at the truck stop there and having my parents pick me up…..but then I won’t have anything to dress her in, unless I knit something here on the truck…hmmmm it’s an idea.


Obviously I am obsessing.  Two weeks to endure.  If I have to suffer….YOU have to suffer along with me by reading all my whiny posts!  So there!

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