Monday, April 26, 2010

Musing Again

I am actually finding it amusing that there isn't anything I can think of that little Evie needs.  Oh, I am sure it will come in time, but right now, nothing comes up.  The only thing I could think of that a little girl would want is a pair of rollerskates.  Not knowing her foot shape or how well the shoes she already has waiting for her will fit, I found these, made for the Toni doll:

I wll either make leather straps for them or find a pair of shoes or boots to attach them to.  So my girl has a bicycle and skates, the two items that I could not live without in my childhood.

In the past, most new incoming dolls were of a different size than I had before, so there was always the flurry of gathering accessories, designing patterns, finding shoes.  Shoes always seemed to be the most difficult.  I keep smiling to think how Seola's body is in the same scale as adult Evie, as items would be "larger" for a child than an adult.  All the foods I have made will work, the furniture, the dishes, books and accessories.  I even have two horses in scale!  Wow.  I just keep shaking my head at how this is all falling together.  You would think I had this in mind all the time when trying to decide my dolly fates, but I truly didn't.  My whole thought process was just wrapped around a workable companion in my tight quarters.  I can't bring the furniture with me, but it's nice to know that she can have a room of her own at the apartment that will someday be in our home in Denmark.

Another thought I have been having lately is of course, the hair and eye combination.  On the Dollstown website, I love this look, it looks so Evie to me:

I love the pixie hair, the petulant look, it's so her.  Long hair doesn't work well on the truck, and I was thinking how much Evie loved Evan's old wig:

I will be trying this combination on little Evie.  In this photo she has the lavender eyes and red hair, but I also have brown, turquoise, black, green and deep blue eyes to experiment with.  I love the mohair/lambswool wigs, but when Evie wore one on the truck, it frizzed up in no time.  I may be able to tame it by braiding.  I am so antsy to get home and see her!  I have a human hair wig in brown, but in this photo, I had just taken it out of the package and it needed to be washed, trimmed and styled.

I have also been looking at styles.  That photo above of her in the pink and black really appeals to me,  Not the skirt in particular, but the idea of short A line dresses seems to fit her waif like look.  I see this being not only a very practical style, but easy to care for and play in.  I have an idea brewing about possibly re-creating some of my own childhood clothing for her.  I remember when the hot colours came out, hot pink, hot orange and hot green.  Twiggy dresses were so popular when my own awareness of fashion started to bud.  Tights and short A line dresses were the thing.

I have been collecting ideas for her dresses here:

Looking at the hairstyles on these patterns, I see the bob cut is common.  Hmmm...Maybe the bobcut wig would be best....

Sigh, can you tell I am itching to get in the dollroom and play????

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