Thursday, April 29, 2010

In The Pink

I couldn’t resist.  I really couldn’t.  I bought a pink-blonde wig for Little Evie.  I shouldn’t have, it’s not like I haven’t any that are suitable, but I just have to try it.

When I first bought teen Evie, I was in Denver Doll Emporium trying all the wigs they had available.  I tried on a pink bob cut wig and loved it.  But my old fashioned nature kept insisting that pink hair was not real looking and decided in the end to get a long blonde with with chestnut streaks.  I never quite forgot the pink one though.  And then there was Seola on the Dollstown website that had a candy pink wig, and I loved it all over again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I found this wig, which I think will have more warm tones, perhaps a golden pink, listed as pink-blonde mix:

Pink Blonde Wig It was a whim, I know.  But what the heck, if it doesn’t suit her, I can always re-sell it.  In fact, once I have the look down, I will be selling all the wigs and eyes, unsuitable clothing…etc.  Even Evie will have a spring cleaning of her old stuff.

Anyways, the wig is long and long doesn’t do well on the truck, so if it works, it’ll have to go into braids or be cut into a bob.  I still want to see her in the chocolate brown lambs wool, the red shorty cut, the red bob and the brown human hair wig before the final decision.  The wig and eyes are decided before I do a face-up so that I can match the colouring well to the hair and eyes.   And it’s this overall colouring that will decide the wardrobe colours too.  Yes….I am dreaming away the time….there is still two weeks and a couple of days before I see her.  The waiting-crazies are starting!

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