Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Decision Made To Move Forward with my Ideas

It ain't over yet.

Sigh.  I am in the midst of major doll stuff sorting.  Geez, there is so much I feel overwhelmed again.  Tons of clothes for Audrey and Hammie...Evie could fill an adult suitcase with all her clothes, shoes and stuff.  And, it is actually shocking the heck out of me, but I have 5...count them, 5 gallon size ziplock bags stuffed with clothes for an MSD. I still have Nanny's clothes too.  Sigh.  I wouldn't mind the volume of it if it were fro one or two dolls, what I hate is the different sizes.  I had to do a lot of grouping and sorting and it just seemed ridiculous!

This has reconfirmed my desire to reduce it all down.  I have made my decision, whenever I have enough money for Seola, I am adopting her.  I have about 80% of her fees.  If  Seola and I bond, the rest will move on.  If not, I will choose either Audrey and Hammie or Evie and be done with it.  I no longer want all these scales and sizes.  One size, one companion.  That's it.  So now it is just a matter of deciding the final companion.  I will give it as much time as it needs, it will have to be the one I feel the strongest about.

Evie is keeping me company, but she isn't talking much.  Guess she feels my stress.

Oh...and yes, I did play around with Hammie as I sorted through wigs.  He's looking sweet in blonde hair and turquoise eyes!

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