Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Changes are Happening and it is GOOD.

Ah, hometime.

Pretty strange.  We went up to my parents for our mail.  The ice cream set I bought was perfect scale for my Audrey and Hammie. 

The bed set, however was not.  Sigh.  I don't have a ruler handy, but they were not made for 10 inch dolls.

 I didn't even bother unpacking the triple bunks beds.

The matching rocker and bench were fine, but I don't want to break up the set.  I would say this set is better for 9 inches and under.  Anyone interested, let me know.

It's a cute set, definitely homemade and a bit crude...I would have repainted it myself.  The canopy bed would have been so cute with curtains!  I am very sad about this.

In a way, it helped me decide on my dolly situation.  Before I unpacked the box, I did go and sit with my dolls, holding each one, looking them in the eyes, even Evan and Aloe Vera, in case I wanted to pull their auction down.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the time had finally arrived, that sure feeling in my heart.  The last few that I hesitated over were Evie, Audrey and Hammie.  Zoelina and Pandora are adorable, but having 4 of them, makes them stick together in a group all the time and pulls away from a companionship thing.  I had considered taking only two at a time, or keep the three girls and let Hammie go...but none of those options pleased me at all.

One thing I have to say is that of every single one of my companions (including Evie)  the strongest pull I have is to Audrey.  My gosh, that little girl practically jumped into my lap with glee when our eyes met.  She just isn't like the rest at all.  I tried comparing her to the other BB's, and nope, they just don't have what she has, nor do they even move like she does!  I don't understand that part at all.  They are all the same....but not at all! 

As I held her, she instantly started to play and giggle and make me smile.  It was at this point we needed to leave for my parents, so I grabbed her travel basket and off we went.  Yes, so easy, so quick and so comforting.

I have had a serious interested buyer for Evan.  I have a lot of watchers, but no other bids.  I expected that, I wanted to get them all on so that about 4 days before the next time I can relist while still on the road, and continue to do so until they have all found homes.

My plan is to finish sorting dolly things, really fine tune it down.  I want to spend some time with Evie and if the feeling grows, I will take Evie and Audrey with me on the next run.  If not, I will take Audrey and Hammie.

I am still considering Seola.  I saw this photo of Seola and thought how much it looked like Evie when she was young.  This is a borrowed photo from DOA, so I will leave it up only for today, and then remove it, as I don;t have permission.  If you would like to see her, email me and I will send a copy.  It was this particular photo that has me spellbound in love with her.

Evie has this very same wig.  To my eyes, it is like seeing Evie as a child.  My curiosity continues to grow, but I know full well that what I see and what arrives could be so different.  The way I am feeling about Audrey right now, I am also hesitant to ruin that (like it happened with Evie when I brought in Evan) by bringing in a companion that could not be in any kind of scale with her, as they would be 10 and 16 inches and both the same age! 

Today is a mellow day, full of reflection and feeling like I am so very close to what I am seeking.  Hammie right now is my only other hesitation.  Do I let Evie and Audrey be my companions?  Would it be better to have just the two little ones?  Do I dare bring it all the way down to just Audrey? (As my original intention with her was suppose to be).

Or do I bring home Seola and see if she could just possibly be the answer to keeping Evie in a smaller version, as I dream of?

Almost there.......

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