Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Olivia At Whiskey Pete's

Look!  Whiskey Pete's!  I want to go!  What do you mean they won't let me in????

Bikini's are proper attire!  Really!  I want to go gambling! 

Noooooo....don't leave me!  It's not fair!!!!!!!!!

I'll take off my bikini!  Come back!

Well, Snivel, I changed my clothes and they still won't let me go!  So we'll have our own party!

Okay, here's your kiss....it just that it's so, so....mucus-y.  Blech!

Pie, corn, yule log cake, blue koolaid, mmmm.....so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And cookies and ice cream soda for a snack with TV!!!!!  Who cares about gambling?

owwww.....I think I ate too much!  Good night, Snivel.

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