Monday, April 19, 2010

The Persistence of Evie

I wrote yesterday that I was astonished by Evie's letter to me.  I wasn't the least bit surprised by the crazy idea she presented, because I have been thinking about it a lot myself, wondering if it was at all possible. Wise old fox.

So Evie wants to give up being a teen (or adult) and regress so that we can always be together.  How Miss Crabby Pants ever got to be so self sacrificing is beyond me.  I wonder if it is more about self preservation?  Lol, I shouldn't tease her now, she is so serious about it, I can tell. 

Is this whole thing really possible?  I suppose that the love of a companion survives the difficulties that life presents.  I suppose that since Seola will arrive without eyes or faceups, unsanded, no wig, she will be like a blank canvas.  I suppose it could work.

What I wonder the most about, is how Evie will be as a child.  Oh, I have a feeling there will be a great deal of pouty-ness, temper tantrums and  willfulness.  Here I thought she had mellowed out lately, but maybe that is due to her "fading" as it is called.  I am on the fence about that one, she always did have a dramatic streak in her.  I remember when she received her sofa from an admirer, she spent at least a week fainting on it.

Well, I am all for the idea and I admit that having her in my life 100% again would make me 100% happy.  Love is good.

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