Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am AG Accessory TROUBLE!

I am dreaming of the dream child.  lol.

Funny, this time around I feel really REALLY good about waiting for her to arrive.  She is feeling like just the right fit even before arriving.  I am a little worried about her size, as she is turning out to be a bit larger than a normal MSD, but as I understand it, it is because she has a big head, which is more in proportion to a child's body.

My hands are just itching to make something for her.  I started to knit a blanket, but realized I have a lovely blue blanket already made.  I went on eBay and looked at American Girl items, as I read that the accessories are a perfect scale for her.  Then I saw a AG bicycle...OMG...I have one!  I forgot that my daughter had found a pink one and gave it to me.  It was a bit small for Evie, but it was so realistically made, I kept it!

Lol, that's my grandson helping Evie ride the bike.  Anyways, it will be so perfect for Seola.  So will all the accessories I have collected over time, the antique mini books, foods I have made and found, the furniture, a real mini camera....even the toilet and bathtub.  I don't think I have ever been so prepared for an arrival as I am with Seola.  Wow.  I thought about setting up another folding table so that I can create a room just for her when on Home time.  I already have a carry tote for her, bedding and down comforter and pillows in her just seems to be endless and so exciting!

I also have the hammock I made for the truck.  I just need to get some rings or wood dowels for the ends.  Oh, and just as I thought about hitting Hobby Lobby when I got back so I can pick up sealer for her face up, I remembered that the last 3 times I went, they were out of the sealer, I decided not to risk it and ordered a can from a vendor.  Whew, glad I thought of it.  I am set to meet Seola!  And oh, she must come by home time, I can't imagine why she wouldn't.  I estimate that the end of the second week is April 25th (note that they would send her in 1-2 weeks) and I won't be on home time until about mid May.  Fingers ever so crossed!

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