Thursday, July 2, 2009

Breakfast Time

Me: Audrey! You fell asleep on my table! Wake up sweetheart.

Me: Sleepyhead!

Me: What would like to have for breakfast?
Audrey: Baby wants pannacakes.

Me: Babies don't eat pancakes, silly.

Audrey: MY baby does.

Audrey: Sleepy-Bye Baby!

Me: What does Audrey want to eat?

Audrey: Pannacakes.

Me: It will take too long to make them.

Audrey: But I WANT them. Pleeeeeeaaaaaase!

Me: How about toast with orange marmalade?

Audrey: I don't want toast. It's not toast day.

Me: How about cereal and orange juice?

Audrey: Yucky!

Me: (sighing) Okay, pancakes it is.
Audrey: I loooove pannacakes!

Audrey: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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