Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Munchkin Blues

Little Audrey seems to grow more and more bored as summer moves along. I don't blame her, she has run out of things to do and has no one to play with.

She hates sitting in her car seat, but when I need to be on the computer, she needs to sit there so I can watch her. She is giving me the "eye" again.

Me: It won't work, pumkin, it's time to sit in the car seat.

Audrey: NO! I'll be good, I promise!

Me: No, way, Jose. Up you go!

Audrey: I have to go potty. Really!

Me: Audrey, get back in your seat!

Audrey: I can stay up here and see everything better!
Me: No, get back in your seat.

Audrey: See, I can balance up here!
Me: I'm going to start counting....1.....2.....

Audrey: Whatcha doing? Can we go to

Audrey: I don't like this site, it doesn't have any pictures of kitties.

Audrey: Hey! Everything looks upside down!
Me" AUDREY! I can't read the news.....get back in your seat!

Audrey: Let me show you where is.

Me: Audrey, I think it's time for your nap! You need to stay in your seat or take a nap!

Audrey: I'll take a nap. okay? Just let me see something on sprout first.....

Me: AUDREY! You just stepped on the off button!

Audrey: I'll sit up here okay?

Audrey: OH! LOOK! The ice cream man! Can I have a ice cream????
Me: NO!

Audrey: Can I have a cookie then?

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