Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Close Call

Me: Hold still!

Audrey: OUCH! I want barrettes!

Audrey: All pretty!

Audrey: It's a rainy day AGAIN!

Audrey: I bet Weedie loves rainy days!

Audrey: I don't have anyone to play with. Will you play with me?

Audrey watches the rain. It's not easy being the only child on the truck.

Weedie: Oh, what a lovely day! I adore rainy days! So deliciously wet!

Audrey: Hi, Weedie. Wanna play?

Weedie: Flowers don't play. Never. Don't know how.

Audrey: You never had a toy to play with, Weedie?

Audrey: I will give you a toy to play with.

Audrey: You have to hold it, Weedie. Can you hold things?

Weedie: I don't know. Ooooo...what's that GREEN thing?

Audrey: It's a froggy. Wanna hold it?

Weedie: OH NO! It's horrible!

Audrey: Oh well. I guess flowers don't play with toys. I will send a message to Aloe Vera to come back and play with me.

Weedie: Say, what's that building coming up?

Audrey: Uh oh. It's the Inspection Station!

Weedie: What does THAT mean?

Audrey: It means that we can't bring any plants across the border! Weedie! You've got to hide!

Weedie: What will they do to me?

Audrey: I don't know. You're a PLANT! A Stow-away and they will take you and do something to you...I don't know what, but it's sure to be AWFUL!

Audrey: Here, take this flashlight and hide in the glove compartment.

Weedie: Ow! You're crushing my lovely leaves!

Audrey: Moosh in there!

Weedie: ,mnmbvkbkdhahrfh!

Audrey: Shhhhhhh!

Audrey: There's no one in here!


Weedie: That sure was close! Thank you for saving me, Audrey.

Audrey: That's ok, Weedie. Don't go all limp now!

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