Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Stow-Away

Little Audrey was playing by the coffee pot when she noticed a flower. She wanted to pick it and take it back to her hammock so her bed would smell sweet.

She tried very hard to pluck it up, but the stem was awfully thick and it just wouldn't budge!

Flower: OUCH! How dare you squeeze me like that! What do you think I am, a tube of toothpaste?

Audrey: I'm sorry, I just wanted to take you to my bed.

Flower: Well, there will be no picking of my body, thank you very much! I am not pickable! I am a beauooootiful flower, my name is Weedie. I hid away in the honey pot pretending to be clover honey so that I could have adventures like the Pig. All I ever get to do is sit around in a pot all day!

Audrey: Are you a "stuck in the mud"?

Weedie: DO I look like I am stuck in mud? I have 2 parts loam like anyone else.

Audrey: I have never met a talking flower before. Are you a stow-away?

Weedie: Yes, I have to stay hidden so they won't throw me out. Say, can you see if the coast is clear so that I can get some sun? I am feeling a little pale.

Audrey: I will look for you, Weedie. This is fun!

Audrey : I don't think we can go up there. They will see you.

Weedie: Oh rats!

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