Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gummy Bears

Little Audrey has a car seat that can be moved to many places within the truck. This evening it was placed back by the bunk bed so that I could read for awhile. It did not take long for her to figure our how to climb out of it.

It was much more fun to let Tiger sit in the carseat!

As with all 6 year olds, this didn't last long and Audrey was soon into the gummy bears.

Me: Yes, you can have one.

Audrey liked how the evening sun made the bear glow like magic.

Weedie: What are you eating, Audrey?

Audrey: Gummy bears. Want one?

Weedie: I only drink water, bathe in sunshine and never eat gummy bears. Heavens, no. Not bears of any kind.

Audrey: Here, Weedie, have a green one! Don't flowers like green?

Weedie: NO! We MAKE chlorophyll, we don't eat it!

Audrey: What's corlrofil?

Weedie: It's what makes my beauoootiful leaves green.

Audrey: Do gummy bears make corlrofil?

Weedie: I don't think so. Gummy bears are on a lower class than flowers are. Algae or something.

Audrey: The yellow ones look like the sun! I like the yellow ones. Eggie likes them too. She likes everything that is yellow. Do you like yellow ones, Weedie?

Weedie: It is pretty. I like the sun.

Audrey: I think I can see the sun inside!

Me: It's time for little ones to go to bed!

Audrey: Just one more huggy please! Oh, and a drink or water and a snack and will you read me a story?

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