Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Miette's Bun

We are staying the night in a hotel, so Miette has had her hair done and she has found a place on the bed to sleep.  Her journal is here:
I am still enjoying her company. She is giving me a much needed girl talk, even though we have a language barrier. Her hair is easy to arrange, and after I gave her hair a dose of shine oil, it looks much better. I cut two crystals off a flower arrangement and used them as hair forks. They were twisted on wire and worked just like a hair fork would. This bun is a tri-bun, hair parted into three sections, make a twisted bun with the center hair, then twist up the one side and then swirl around the bun over the top, the other side, twist and twirl around the bottom of the bun. I thread a needle with thread and gently weave through the hair to hold it. Snip a few threads to release the hair style.

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