Sunday, February 7, 2010

The New Little Old Girl

A lot has happened since my last entry...I am just now calming down!

On the last day of home-time, I had an urge to go to the Antique Market, partly because I just wanted to "get away" and walk, partly because I had such an urge to look at any antique doll that I could find.  There aren't many in this area, there are a handful in a shop on Academy and a few overpriced ones at the Antique Market.  There is a stall there that I really like, it is all vintage dolls for very reasonable prices.  She had a Chatty Cathy there the last time I went, I wanted to see her again too.

This is my favourite vendor:

The Chatty Cathy she had:

This one she wanted $65 for:
It is an effanbee vinyl head and hand chinahead repro.  She is goofy looking, but I thought she might do well on the truck.  But that is too much for what she is.  I am not interested in collecting, I am interested in play value.

With her red head resting against the box, I was intrigued, but for some reason did not pull her out to look at her.  She looked to be about 18 inches tall. 

As I mentioned, most of the dolls are all overpriced, not good condition and not really antiques.  It's rare to see something truly old and truly beautiful.  I have fluctuated consistently back and forth about whether or not I want an old doll.  I don't want one that is so delicate and fragile that I would fear playing with her.  I don't want one that is too big, yet all of the cabinet dolls I see are so expensive, even with cheap badly made bodies that they had back then.  These dolls were not expensive in their day! 

I looked high and low and found nothing that really pulled me.  I looked once again at the Chatty Cathy, but she looked so blank.  Mine was dark haired, this one is light, so it didn't click.  As I made my 3rd go around (in case I missed anything, I stopped in a stall that I didn;t think had dolls, in fact, I am not sure why I did, it was the kind that had frilly stuff, not the usual type of stuff that attracts my attention.

I found this doll there, she had a broken neck and was only $20:

 And she had 3 of these commerically made porcelain dolls for $37 each:

But way back in that tall dark cabinet is where I found little Miette:

She looked different from the rest, more refined and with a gentle look.  She didn't have those blank staring eyes.  Her eyes were smaller than the other porcelain dolls she had, the others had cloth bodies.  When I asked to see her, the moment I held her I knew she had a compo jointed body and was thrilled!  She curled up in my hand which is always a weakness of mine.  I was instantly smitten with her.  Then I saw the price tag and gulped.  $175.  Nope, I couldn't have her.  Not after the $200 I spent on Zoeline and Pandora.  Not after getting Olwen for my birthday.   I put her back and went to the other Antique shop, didn't see anything under $300 and then to Tuesday Morning and looked at the Gotz doll I have wanted for a long time, but even she didn't pull me anymore.  I was hooked on Miette.

When I got back to my parents house I told my mother that I wanted her, that I was going to try and sell two other dolls to make up the price, I figured if I could make up any of the cost, my husband might consider the expense.  He over heard me when he came up for dinner, and asked me about it.  During dinner he said..GO GET HER!  I rushed out the door as soon as dinner was over with and had only 1 hour to get into town and grab her before they closed.  I made it by 15 minutes!  This time I brought my camera and rushed to get the pictures I have with this entry.

I held her all the way home.  I liked how she felt in my hand.  I liked how heavy she was.  I liked her sweet looks, her charm.  I saw that the embroidery on her dress was the monogram M....she said her name was Miette.  Sigh.  Lovely name.  Sounds like mini-me.  And what was the first comment my husband made?  She looks like you.  lol

This entry is long enough, I will try and get all the rest entered tomorrow. 

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