Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miette's Coat

I am still working on a coat for Miette.  I used the same lace pattern I used on Audrey's sweater.  I worked up to the waist, creating a front panel of garter stitch, then decreased after a few rows of garter for the waist band.  The needle is on the back panel:

The yarn is not that bright of a red (taked at 4 am with flash because I am impatient that way) it is a soft muted red with coloured specks, the same yarn I made a sweater and cap with for Olwen.

I instantly regretted that I didn't create a thicker waistband so that it would be more defined.  I the pattern holes are there and could have yarn woven through, so that might be an option.  The coat is really not her colour, so if it just doesn't suit by the time it is finished, I make give it to one the the nisse children.  Nice that they are the same size!

I really wish I could make a dress for her right now.  I have to wait until we hit a Walmart and I can get a smaller crochet hook for the cotton threads I have here on the truck.  I doubt I will have any time to pull something together on the next hometime, but perhaps I can quickly sew a few things to hand finish when we get back on board.

I am missing the children so much!  I yearn for them.  Yet, Miette is very good company, she is such a good travel companion.  I never thought I would love a little antique girl like this. 

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