Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The BIG Trees - Part 1

Hammie:  Look!  I am taller than the pine trees!
Nanny:  Master Hamlet, you take care in such dangerous places!
Hammie:  I am careful!  I got BIG branches!
Audrey:  Nanny, can I be a pine tree too?
Hammie: Come on, Audrey, lets play!
Hammie:  You can be that little sapling over there.
Audrey:  Where?
Hammie:  Over there!  
Audrey:  That's a little tree!  I wanna be a BIG tree!
Hammie (shoving) You can't be a big tree!  I am the BIG tree!
Audrey: NO YOU'RE NOT!  I AM!!!!!
Nanny:  What is going on over there?  I hear loud voices and not nice ones either!
(In unison) We aren't doing anything, Nanny!
Hammie:  lets see if there is any cartoons on!
Audrey: Okay!
Hammie:  oh oh!
Audrey:  OH NO!  Hammie, you're falling!
(to be continued....)

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