Friday, September 4, 2009

The Ball Incident - Part 1

Audrey: I wish I had someone to play with.
Hammie:  I am BUSY.
Hammie:  I wish the basketball wasn't so small.  
Audrey:  I have a BIG basketball.
Hammie:  I want it!
Audrey: Say...'Audrey is the most beautiful girl in the world' first.
Hammie: I won't say it!  Gimme!
Audrey: Can't have it!  It's mine.
Hammie: Okay, 'you're the most yucky girl in the world'
Hammie: GIMME!
Audrey: NO!
Hammie:  It's MINE!
Audrey:  You don't I am pretty, Hammie?
Hammie:  You're a GIRL!
Audrey:  I am going to tell Nanny that you stole my ball!
Hammie:  Girls don't play with basketballs!
Audrey: I don't like you anymore.  I'm telling.
Hammie: Youre just mad 'cause I got the ball.  Don't tell Nanny, ok?
Hammie:  I'll give you my pie at teatime if you don't tell.
Audrey:  *sob*
to be continued......

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