Thursday, September 17, 2009

The BIG Trees - Part 2

Audrey:  Hammie!  Are you okay???
Hammie:  ow!
Hammie:  I hurt my head!  Owie!
Audrey:  I'll go get Nanny.
Nanny:  I see there is troubles AGAIN.   What is the matter now my little darlings?
Audrey:  Hammie fell on his head.
Nanny:  Oh my!  Let me see what has happened to your head, Hammie. 
Nanny:  Oh my, a class ONE bump on the noggin!  I see there shall soon be an egg!
Hammie:  I don't want a egg on my head!
Audrey:  I can I have your egg?
Hammie: Don't touch it!
Hammie:  My head still hurts!  I need ice cream!
Audrey:  Me too!
Nanny:  First we need to plaster Hamlet's head.  No need to let all his learning fall out!
Audrey:  Does he have a hole in his head?
Nanny:  Hold still, you little wiggle worm!  There!  All better!
Hammie:  Did I have a hole or a egg?
Nanny:  You had a tiny little quails egg of a bump, that's all.  But I think it serious enough for some ice cream.  
Hammie:  I do too.  I am serious enough!
Audrey:  Nanny, my head hurts.......

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