Friday, September 18, 2009

The Little Hunters

Audrey:  HAMMIE.....are you in there?  Lamby wants to play!

Audrey:  I see you in there!  I want to play tent too.

Hammie:  NO!

Audrey:  If you let me come in, I will bring something really special!

Hammie:  What?  A doll?

Audrey:  Come on, Hammie, I want to play tent!

Hammie:  I am Hunter Dan and this is MY hunting tent.  No dolls or girls are allowed!

Audrey:  I can be Hunter Jane!  I am good at looking for things!

Hammie:  Not that kind of hunter!  A animal hunter!  You know, deer and stuff.

Audrey:  And what do you think this is?  I hunted a lamb, what did you hunt?

Hammie:  Well.....ok, I guess you can be Hunter Jane.   You can come in.

Hammie:  Quit kicking me!  I SAID you can come in!

Audrey:  It's scary in here!  It's dark!  OUCH!  You're pulling my arm too hard!

Hammie:  I wish we had some light.

Audrey:  Well, I got something special!  See!  I make a good Hunter Jane!

Audrey:  I got a flashlight!

Hammie;  YEAH!!!  Let's tell scary stories!

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