Monday, October 12, 2009

Lazy Fall Day

Audrey:  You got your pirate scope today.  Whatcha gonna see?
Hamlet: PIRATES!

Hamlet: I am gonna see all the scary pirates in the world!

Audrey:  I don't wanna see any pirates!  I want to see Snow White!

Hamlet: You can't see Snow White in the pirate scope!

Audrey:  If I can't see Snow White, I don't wanna see anything!

Hamlet:  Maybe you can see a girl pirate!  I don't know.  You play with your own toys!

Hamlet: Besides Snow White might look funny in pirate clothes!

Audrey: Look!  I see Mary Poppins!
Hamlet: Where?

Hamlet: I don't see Mary Poppins!
Audrey:  You have to look in your scope, silly!

Audrey:  OUCH!  I bumped my head!

Hamlet: Did you get an owie?
Audrey: (sniffling) yeah!

Hamlet: I kiss it for you.

Audrey:  Did you see Mary Poppins yet?
Hamlet: Nope, but maybe I will see Dumbo!

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