Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hammie:  I can't find our Halloween pumpkin!  Did you see it?
Audrey:  I traded it for my princess costume.

Hammie:  All we got is squash!  No PUMPKINS!
Audrey:  They look like pumpkins to me.

Hammie:  If we don't have a pumpkin, it isn't Halloween!
Audrey: I have to be a princess.  I'm the most beautiful princess in all the world!  What are you, Hammie?

Hammie:  I am a cowboy indian.

Audrey: There's no such thing as a cowboy indian.  Why don't you be a frog so I can kiss you?

Hammie:  YUCK NO!  No kissing.  I guess it doesn't matter anyways.  We can't go trick or treating 'cause there's no doors to knock on, and we have no PUMPKIN!

Audrey:  Maybe if we are really good, we will get CANDY!
Hammie: Who's gonna give it yo us?

 Nanny:  And WHAT my little dears are we fussing about now?
Audrey:  We don't get to go trick or treating 'cause there's no doors.

Nanny:  Well, that IS a problem now.  Let's see what Nanny has under her magic apron....

Audrey:  CANDY!!!!!!!!!
Hammie:  YIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(lots of crunching and munching noises)
Nanny:  This won't be all you're having for your Halloween.  I have a very special dinner planned for you! 

 Hammie:  Oh!  That is my favourite dinner in the whole wide world!
Audrey:  Mine too!


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