Sunday, November 1, 2009

Perhaps she is coming home after all these years.....

I just ordered DZ Fei 2 pairs of red shoes and one pair of gold and a pair of grey eyes.  They were all on sale, but yikes, it came to a lot of money, I hope I get a discount on the shipping.  I don't think I will see the items before I leave Colorado, as they are coming from Hong Kong, but I have had fast shipping from there before.  Then it will have to wait until Christmas before I get the items.

I still haven't found a name yet.  I decided I do not want to go with all danish names, name changing is so stressful.  I like Audrey and Hammie's names, it suits them.  So I looked at a lot of old fashioned names and sort of liked these:


But nothing felt right.  I'd put her photos on the side and look at her and say the various names and nothing......

And then this strange thought occurred to me.  I was thinking about her "honey" hair that I just bought and it reminded me of my companion doll when I was little.  I loved her so much.  She went every where with me.  She was so real to me that I believed when people saw me on the street with her in the baby buggy, they thought she was a real baby too. She even flew in airplanes across the continents and lived in different countries. Her name was Susan.  Here is the picture when I got her from Christmas:

Susan and me in front of my grandfather Mogens Vind, my grandmother Lis Vind on the right.

She had honey-ash blonde hair and tiny blue-grey eyes.  I have never seen her again in all my searches on the secondary market. I believe she may have been an Italian doll from what her face looked like, especially the eyes.  My daughter played with her for awhile too, but she went missing and we never found her again.  Where are you dear Susan?

While I was thinking of the colour eyes Fei would have with her honey hair, I thought of blue or grey eyes and sudden the thought of Susan morphing into Fei as an older child came to me.  As though my Susan was coming back to me!  I am such a fatalist,so I smiled when I thought about the only name my husband came up with when I asked him and he said Susanne, the Danish version of the name. I detect a note of fate?

When she arrives, I will see if this is the right thing to happen.  She will let me know. Please come back Susan!

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