Saturday, November 7, 2009

Susan is Here

I finally had a chance to see Susan for the first time yesterday!  I even sliced a deep gouge in my thumb trying way too quickly to get the box open!  Husband had to take over!  lol  The seller had sent a printout birthday card!  I was so touched by that!

Initial reaction:  OMG!  She is so tender!  So fragile and delicate looking.  She came with plastic brown eyes and a pink wig that was much prettier in person than in the seller photographs.  She was very pale, almost white, with a beautifully smooth skin.  Her fingers are long!  I was struck by how they were beautifully smooth and delicate.  Her faceup was standard, with the typical black eye liner that stands out because there is no shading softness and her brows are that awful orange I have seen before.  I changed her eyes to a pale colour, but that didn't suit her, and then to the intense blue I had originally bought for Hammie and they fit her perfectly, much better in size than a few other eyes I tried from my "eye" box.  Her lips are a very delicate pink and so is her blushing on her lower cheeks.  What is wrong with the face up is that there isn't any subtle shading to bring out her lovely face sculpt.  I have been studying her face and will pick up something from Hobby Lobby today to soften and enhance what I see.

Her body poses beautifully!  She is the best MSD poser I have ever had!

The pink wig was lovely, but when I pulled the hair down, I could see that she would look more childlike in braids.  I could not find my bag of wigs, instead I found 2 old MSD wigs I had from when I had Prudence.  I tried on the silver wig and liked it.  I made two quick braids and liked the look.  With the blue eyes, she looks great.  I will wait until the wig and eyes I ordered have been tried to make a final decision.  It's very possible the eyes and shoes won't arrive in time and if that is the case, I will have to go with the silver and blue look.  Still, the problem with the wig is that it has no warmth, and I would like to see her with different shades before being sure.

Her body is very slender, but she does have large breasts.  I noticed when I put on a jumper I had made for Prudence, that it was too tight in the bust.  I will be taking the breasts off with a dremel sander today.  I gave it a lot of thought yesterday, you know, thinking about changing her value, and would I possibly ever want to let her grow up, sort of thoughts.  She hasn't got shapely hips, and other than being very tall for 12 years old, I think that the immature bustline will be the right look for her.  Braids and bangs definitely change her age immediately:


I found a few items of clothing for her, but none of them seemed to suit her.  She will need a very particular look I can see.  What that is, I am not sure. Shoes are going to be very difficult.  The two pair I found are way too large and so are the boots.  Again, I have no choice but to deal with it, perhaps very thick socks will help keep them on.  She has narrow, petite feet.

I spent a lot of time with her last night and delighted in getting to know her.  I can't wait to complete her makeover and sew her wardrobe!

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