Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Sinister Sister

Hammie: I HATE these flippy things!
Audrey: You are suppose to snap them!

Hammie: Then YOU snap them!  I can't!
Audrey: It's cause your fat!
Hammie: I'm telling you said that!

Hammie:  I'm not fat!  Only girls are fat!  (stamping his foot)
 Me: What's the matter Hammie?
Hammie:  I don't want flippy things on me!

Me:  Here, let me roll your sleeves up.  You have thick wrists is all.  I have some news for you both!  Olwen is coming to live with us.  She is also a Nisse so she will be our sister!

Audrey:  Ay sister?  Is she mean?  Cinderella's sisters were mean!  I bet she is a SINISTER sister!

Hammie: (starting to get scared) I don't want a mean sister!  Why can't we have a nice sister?  (sniffling) What does SINISTER mean?
 Me:  Goodness, gracious, who said anything about being mean?  She is a very nice girl.  She can't wait to meet you both!  I want you both to be on your very best behaviour tomorrow, she will be feeling quite exhausted after her long trip!

Hammie:  Another sister!  I want a brother!  She might steal all my toys!
Audrey:  I want a sister!  Then we can have tea parties and play house!
Hammie:  Well, just don't invite me to your silly tea parties.  I wonder if she can play ball games?

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