Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nisse's Try a New Holiday

Olwen:  Wake up little ones, it is Thanksgiving Day!
Hammie: What's that?

Olwen:  Thanksgiving is a holiday.  I don't know much about it.  I had to read a book!
Audrey:  I know!  I got to wear a Pilgrim dress last time.  You have to get dressed up!
Hammie:  I don't want to wear a Pilgrim dress.

 Olwen: I guess I can put on my white dress.  That is festive.
Audrey:  I like dresses!  You have to wear a bonnet too!  Like me.

Olwen:  Lay still, Audrey, I can't unbutton you when you wiggle so.
Hammie:  So after you wear dumb dresses, then what?

Olwen:  Well,  read that there is a turkey bird that is made into a dinner and you eat a lot of food, like a Nisse feast.  And you say thank you for a having food to eat.

Hammie:  Do we have a turkey bird?
Olwen: Well, no.  But you could paint a picture of one.
Audrey:  What do they look like? 

Olwen: They are brown with a colourful tail, and BIG!  They have long legs too.  They say "gobbling" or something like that.

Hammie:  I can paint one!

Olwen: Well, here is some paper and paint.  Make a turkey while I put together our feast!

Audrey:  Make it brown!
Hammie:  Yeah, I know.

Hammie:  Big and round! and Gobbling.

Audrey: And a red tail feather too!  And a blue one, and a green one!
Hammie:  I already got a blue feather!

Audrey:  I write "Hapy Bird" on it.  I think that's what you are suppose to say.
Hammie:  What a silly thing to say.


Audrey:  Where is the turkey?
Olwen:  Well, there wasn't one in the pantry, but I found TURKEY FRANKFURTERS.  So I say "thank you" for finding food that is good for us to eat!

Hammie:  Thank you for yummy cranberry juice!

Audrey:  I like turkey frankffurdies!  Thank you for nummies!

Hammie:  I like them MORE that you do!  YUMMY!

Olwen:  There is more salad if you would like some.

Audrey:  MMMMM cakes!


Olwen: (thinking to herself) I think I did that holiday right.  At least a Nisse version of it!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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