Monday, November 2, 2009

Shoes, Eyes and Red Yarn

Here are the shoes and eyes I bought for Susan:

Now both Susan and Audrey have golden shoes for the holidays!  I hope they fit, I have such bad luck with tiny shoes.  I have a feeling that Susan will have a thing for red shoes.  there maybe a story in that someday.  Oh, and while it is a small picture, here is the wig:

See what I mean about the colour being called honey?  It looks more neutral to me.

Sunday should be the start of our home-time.  I am always feeling so antsy the last week of the run.  My mind is reeling with ideas for Susan's wardrobe and her look.  I really cannot tell by the seller photo's what she really looks like.  It seems she has brown eyes and the wig that is coming with her is dark pink with white tips.  I have always wanted to try a pink wig.  When I bought Evie, I was trying on wigs at DDE and loved this pale pink bob cut wig on her and almost bought it, but then I wanted her to look real and bought a mixed chestnut and blonde wig instead.  I find myself often regretting not going with my original instinct.

I think though, that the wig the seller also showed her in, a fawn coloured one, plus the wig at DDE being almost the same colour, is how I "see" her at this point.  I do have several other wigs and eyes to try at my parent's house, so even though I have bought a new wig and eyes, anything could happen.  She may not want my Susan idea at all, I am always thwarted in my ideas by my own companions!

Lets see, I have some lovely grey corduroy in  a very fine wale.  I have crisp white cotton, a fun cat pattern in black and white, and a ready made black dress from Alex.  I think that I will make a skirt of the cat fabric to go under the black dress and a top of the same fabric so that she has a set.  I have more of the red fleece fabric that I made Nanny's coat and hat of.  I want to make all three a coat and hat too.  Then I will knit scarves and mittens when back on the road.

The only thing I think I will need to buy is some red yarn.  Not easy to find.  Sigh.

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