Friday, November 13, 2009

My Resin Family

I have fallen under Susan's spell. As always happens when I am hometime, I have no time to spend completely on a new companion, but with Susan, I kept her with me, 24/7, letting her slept on the nightstand and come to sit at the breakfast table. I sewed for her, I listened to her and last night, all alone on my bunk bed, she and I played internet games. I felt so relieved, so comforted. In just a week, she has become a true companion.

Here are the first few pictures of her as she is today:

I love those eyes.  The hair is a human hair wig, I like how soft it is, but I want to see the wig that I will have in December to make a final decision.  Because there is flash in the photo's it doesn't really show the apricot colour of her hair and her eyes are even more cobalt blue than the light blue in the photo.  She is perfect in the truck, not too big at all.  She is like Aloe Vera in many ways, just so skinny!

I did take a few photo's of my resin side of the family of companions before I left my parents:


From right to left:
Dollzone BB Kay (Hammie), Dollzone Fe (Susan), DIM Eunbi (Evie), DIM Danbi (Noah) Dollzone Ani (Audrey) Tinybear Large Moona (Aloe Vera)





My heart breaks to see Evie this depressed.


They must sleep in a drawer until I have a home again.


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