Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I teach myself a new knit pattern

I can knit.  Very simply, very plain.  I can knit, purl, rib, seed, basket, and garter.  I can do multicolour patterned knits.  I learn cabling when I was much younger, but have forgotten that one.  The one I have never tried is lacey type knitting.  Yesterday, I said the heck with it, and knit 2, pulled the yarn in through the gap between the stitches, knit 2 together and repeated.  I purled the same on the next row.  After a few rows, I started to see a LOVELY pattern, alternating stripes, smooth ones with a knarly row and holes in between.  Wow!  I was getting a open work look!  YAY!  How EASY it was.  I did end up dropping a stitch during a horrible bump in the road, and I could not figure out how to re-weave that lacy part back up, so I unraveled what I did and started again.  It's hard to see the pattern, but here it is:

I felt so confident that I looked up a bunch of knitting stitch patterns and copied a few.  I think I can do them!  I am going to make a pullover type sweater for Susan out of this one, and if it turns out, I will make something pretty and lacy for Audrey too. 

I repositioned Susans wig last night and gave it a trim.   I made the bangs a bit shorter and trimmed about 1/4 inch across the back.  Not that it helped that much.  She looks so fragile and delicate in her face and countenance.  Her manner is so different from any of my other companions.  Almost like she is a little lady.  We looked at delicate names last night, she was very interested in some of the flower names, namely Wisteria.  I think it's a strange name.  I suggested that she might look at French names, so we will continue the hunt.  Susan, is a wholesome boisterous kind of name, and doesn't fit right.

She didn't turn out to be my old childhood doll, as much as I felt it was about to happen.  My old Susan was different.  My new companion has a different soul.  I am okay with that.

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