Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Red Sweater and Cap for Susan

I finished the red sweater and cap.

The sweater was made without a pattern, just measuring against her as I went.  I made 4 button holes and will wait until I am on home time to sew on the buttons, as I have a huge button tin full of lovely and vintage buttons.  The yarn was thicker than I wanted to use, but I loved the muted red colour and so it makes more of a winter coat type sweater than a sweater to wear with clothing or as a top.  I will make similar sweaters for Hammie and Audrey too before Christmas.



I am having a hard time with her wig.  It smells heavenly (still has the conditioner smell) and it feels silky.  But the wig leaves a thick edge around her head, the hair wants to go in a certain way, so that it is hard to style.  Human hair on this small of a head also seems a bit course. I love the colour, but it also seems to lack depth.  I talked to my mother on the phone and asked her if the wig I had ordered arrived, and asked her to open it and tell me what she thought.  She said it looked like puke colour.  Sigh.  The last lambs wool wig I ordered from this seller, called the colour Antique Gold and it had a definite greenish tint.  This wig is called Honey and mother says it is a golden brown.  I asked about a green tint, she said not that she could see.   Well, I guess it doesn't matter, if the colour is not right, I will dye it.  Either way, Susan needs a different style and colour.  I searched eBay yesterday, but I can't go with $30 wigs at this time, and if I liked the style, the colur was wrong, if I liked the colour, the stlye was wrong.

I spend a lot of time in the evening looking at my 3 companions.  They are so endearing and comforting to me.  Susan is blooming, but seems a bit hesitant, like she is waiting to be herself out loud.  I love their perky faces and shiny eyes.  Yesterday, Hammie took his turn to come and sit with me.

I noticed something different about him, and as I looked more carefully, I realized that his tan skin tone had darkened!  YAY!  I had suspected he might not have been a "tan" to begin with, because there was a significant difference between his skin tone and Audrey's.  Now he seems to be darkening, and I love it.

I've been stressed about my dolls for over a year now.  Just not knowing quite what to do or who to have in the truck, or even whether I should just keep a couple as my companions.  I don't think I can let any of them go at this point.  When I see Evie and Noah, I long to have them in my life, when I look at Nanny, I smile at her quirky self, Aloe Vera is such an imp, Miriam is so serious.  Charlotte is perpetually optimistic while Lizzy is well, in a tizzy.  I think I do have a wonderful family of companions.  I like them just as they are.

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