Sunday, November 8, 2009

The New Arrival

Susan: (muffled voice) Hey you two, let me out!
Audrey:  What if she is mean?
Hammie:  yeah, she could be a sinister sister!

Hammie:  She might take all our toys!
Susan (still muffled and now irritable) If I don't get out of this box, I will not be able to tell you a secret!

Audrey:  hurry Hammie, get her out!  I want to hear the secret!

Hammie:  she's a robot monster!
Audrey:  I can hear her breathing.

 Husband:  Here, let me cut the tape, you are too little to use scissors.

Susan: (gasping)  FINALLY!

Audrey:  You look all grown up!  I thought I was going to have a sister I could play house with!
Susan:  This is just my temporary look.  I am going to have a spa treatment!

Susan:  I will look much different when done.

Later that night:


Olwen: I am so tired!  I want to go to bed now, please.

Next morning:

Hammie: (who is facinated by Olwen's braids) You look like Rapunzel!
Olwen: Really?  I like that idea!

Olwen:  I get to have a new wardrobe today.  I will be so tired again.  It takes hours and hours.
Hammie:  How long is hours and hours?
Audrey:  Lots of minutes!

Olwen:  I see you got freckles!

Audrey:  yeah.  I am all freckly!

Audrey:  So what was the secret you were gonna tell us?

Olwen:  The secret is that I am your sister and we are now a family!
Hammie:  Can I climb up your braid?

The Nisse Family


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