Sunday, November 29, 2009


Been working and re-working this new pattern.  The pattern itself is easy, but not fun when all the bumping and bouncing on the road causes my needles to jerk and a stitch goes flying and I cannot regain enough fine motor control to pick it back up (because of the bouncing).  I flew into frustrated rage more than a few times, having to rip it all up and start all over again.

In the end, I decided to forsake speed knitting for very careful, one stitch at a time completeness.  This helped with the yarn's constant tendency to split, which was another factor in my crankiness.  Sigh.  So far, the front and back of Susan's pullover are done and I started the sleeve.  I tried decreasing to make arm holes for a more fitted sweater, but the pattern didn't lend itself well to an even reduction, so when I had to rip it up I decided to make it all rectangles to preserve the pattern.

Susan's name is still on the cusp.  I am not sure about changing it, I've looked at many names, and several continue to stand out, just as they did when I was looking for one before she arrived.  Yet, looking at her and saying the name, well it just doesn't sing.  She needs a name as delicate and as quiet as she is.  Ivy was a near contender when I suddenly realized that it was so close to Evie.  How funny that is to me.  Evy and Ivy.  Perhaps my other companions could be called Avy, Uvy and Ovy.  *giggle*.  I guess you had to be there.

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