Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Secret

Audrey:  Hammie, I think Olwen is sad.
Hammie:  Girls are always crying.

Audrey:  Do you think Olwen is crying?
Hammie:  I don't think so. Did she lose her doll or something?

Audrey:  Lets be really nice to her.
Hammie:  Alright.

Hammie:  Did you see that falling star?  I want to wish on it!
Audrey:  I wish Christmas was here already!

Olwen:  (thinking to herself) I wish I could tell the little ones THE SECRET.  I think they need to know.  Nanny says it has to wait until Christmas Eve.  I'm not very good at keeping secrets.

Olwen:  Hey, you two, what are you whispering about?

Audrey:  We are wishing, not whispering!
Hammie: Yeah, we are wishing for Christmas to come today!

Olwen:  (thinking to herself)  I wish it was Christmas now too.

Audrey:  I think the star is broken.
Hammie:  Yeah, Christmas isn't happening!

Audrey (sniffling) Did Christmas get broken?
Hammie:  OH NO!!!!
Olwne:  Don't cry, Audrey, Christmas cannot get broken. It just can't come before Christmas Eve.

Hammie:  I know!  I can fix the star with tape and paste!
Olwen:  That might work!

Hammie:  If I fix the star, then the wishes will come true!

Olwen:  Christmas will be here soon enough.  I think this Christmas will be full of new things to know.
Audrey:  Like a secret?

Olwen:  What made you say that, Audrey?
Hammie: Audrey can hear stuff in your head.
Olwen:  You can?
Audrey: All the time.  Well, some of the time.  Sometimes I don't know what the words mean.

Hammie:  Is there a secret about Christmas?
Olwen:  Sigh.......

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  1. Elisa,
    The whole blog is perfect - the outfits are fabulous. I knit and sew a little - but nothing like you. The children all look so wonderful together.
    Keep posting - we all love it.....