Monday, December 21, 2009

Everything Changes

I had seen a couple of DZ BB's for sale for half price.  I mused over them, but after having just gotten Olwen 7 weeks ago, I just didn't think I could even ask for one.  I put 3 dolls on auction, hoping I could partly pay for it.  I agonized over (as only dolly-nuts can do) and this morning, being a wonderful morning (we had a shower and breakfast out) we got back to the truck, I fired up my laptop and sighed.  The auction was about to end, and I just mentioned it to him, he said "Ok"!  YIKES!  But there was another one, I wanted, and which to chose?  I love them both!  There was Ami with her closed eyes, and Sis with her quirky eyes, large like Hammie's.  I chose Sis, then won her.  I was so excited, that husband said I could try for the other one too.  OMG.  Yes, I feel like jumping for dolly heaven joy!  She doesn't end for awhile, so my fingers will have to be crossed for her.  I am hoping with all my might!

They do not have face-ups, which is fine, I can do that.  I have always been intrigued with dolls with closed eyes.  At first, I thought how discomforting that would be not to be able to look into a companion's eyes, but I grew use to seeing the photo's on DOA and then started to imagine the possibilities.  Since my little ones are all Nisse's then I could go with one always being so sleepy, or go ahead with the blind aspect.  I will think on it.

This is DZ BB Ami. Her face is just too sweet! IF she comes home, her name is Pandora, Pandy for short.

This is DZ BB Sis the one I did win.  I don't think the eyes come with her. Her name is Zoe after a childhood friend I had.

I would then have four little Nisse children.  Three girls and a boy.  Poor Hammie!  Way too many tea parties for his taste.  The one experience I have NEVER had, was companions that can actually share clothes and shoes!  WOW.  It's too exciting to comprehend!

I really thought this was a goal I would achieve one a year at a time if at all.  I would also like to get Zhujwei and another boy as my last two BB's.  Those will definitely take time to be able to get.  But, I am also willing to stop at four if they end up being enough.  lol.

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