Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yesterday we were able to go to an Antique Mall, the first time we have been able to shop in anything other than a truck stop or Walmart in the 7 months that we have been on the road.  I was so thrilled and it was definitely a wonderful experience.  I held my breath and crossed my fingers that some little doll would call my name while there.  I have wanted an Antique Dolly for so ling.  There were many dolls to look at and hold, more than I usually see in these kind of places, but sadly, none called me.  I took lots of photo's here.  

In my disappointment, I then searched eBay for hours determined to find a little treasure.  I found none.  I know that before we settle down to our new home, new dolls will be out of the question.  So I am planning on buying a couple more in the next few years.  I try to think of which dolls it ought to be.  Since I have been working out my companions connections and past history, I realize that right now, while not everyone is in perfect scale to each other, they are fine and wonderful just as they are, ranging from 10 to 22 inches and in a petite way, not in a Gotz way.  They can I just couldn't find any new fab doll out there on the market except Lusion, but I cannot ever even contemplate her, not at $1300.  But, my, she is so dreamy and lovely!  Very large, but wow.  I remind myself that I don't care for Dollmore resin.  Yes, a perfect reason to just let her go.

I guess I still wander into the one and only territory I now try so hard to forget.  Seeing Lusion makes me think she would be a perfect one and only companion.  Then I stop myself and ask whom do I really love?   Who brings me the joy?  Audrey and Hammie do.  So very much so that I cannot even imagine life without them.  So why do this to myself? 

See how just contemplating a doll discovery in an Antique Mall can wreck havoc on the dolly-emotions?  Sheesh.

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