Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nisse Instructions

Zoe:  Where is Nissefar?

Hammie:  Nanny said we had to find him!  He only wakes up at Yule time.

Pandy: Nissefar is near, I hear him.

Nissefar: (pulling Pandy onto his lap) Yes, my little one, I am here!

Nissefar:  I am here for all of you!  I want you to know that I love each and every one of you, that you are all Nisser just like me!  We have a purpose in this human world and it is time for you to learn a little about it.  You must visit all of this house's Nissefolk, they will tell you some things you need to know!

Audrey:  I met some of them last Christmas!  I know where they are!  Follow me!

The children went to see the Morso Nisser.

Morso:  Welcome to Yule, little children!  We are the Nisser that make sure that there is plenty of mischief.  We hide presents, play tricks on the cook, and always keep Yule from becoming too boring.  You must be mischievous in a good way, keep humans guessing, they like that.  Hammie, it will be your responsibility to make life interesting for everyone!

Next they went to see the Aalborg Nisser.

Aalborg:  Oh hello!  We have been toasting the holiday and telling long stories of Yule times past.  We wanted you to know that humans need to be reminded of the past and how important it is to keep traditions.  Tell lots of stories, keep the old traditions alive.  Audrey, this is somethinig you are meant to bring to everyone.

Next they went to see the Hamburg Nisse.

Hamburg:  Oh mein goodness, you leiblings are zo fine!  I am zo proud to each and everyone.  Happiness!  Good Cheer!  Laughings, these things are zo important to keep.  I want that you remember the happiness in life, bring it to peoples!  Pandy, mein darling!  You must keeps the happiness alive all the times!

Next they went to visit the Lolland Nisser.

Lolland: Hello little ones!  We are so happy to see you!  Nisser are meant to bring gifts to humans.  Gifts do not have to be grand, they need to be needed and bring a smile.  Then it is a good gift.  Gifts that are made by your own hand are the very best!  Remember to leave a gift that can be eaten to each human within a house hold.  Zoe, we think you will be best at keeping this important Yule job in order!

 Next they went to see the Langeland Nisse:

Langeland:  I see that you have all received your instructions!  I wanted to tell you about how to behave.  This is important for each of you, not just one to remember.  Nisser must be helpful to the household they occupy.  They must keep out of the way of humans and be as quiet as they can be.  They should refrain from too much mischief, but of course, it that is very hard to do consistantly!  I know all about that!  Be quick to return borrowed items, try not to eat all of the cakes, and above all, remember that humans need cheering up now and then.  Give them smiles.  Now, go see Nissefar, he is about to go back to sleep until next Yule. 

The children returned to Nissefar.

Zoe:  Nissefar, we have visited the others.  They told us what we need to do.
Hammie:  Yeah!  I get to be bad!

Nissefar:  That boy is going to be a GREAT Nisse!

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