Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Angels Came


Two little angels came to live with me on Christmas Eve.  I could not have imagined their immediate impact on me, but they sure arrived filled with love and pure adorableness.  I now have five delightful little nisse children.


Pandora: Pandy was immediately perceived.  I saw her chubby cheeks, her soft grace and the wig I had ordered was a soft baby blonde in a babyish style and suited her perfectly.  Her faceup was easy and practically instant.  I just knew her and what enhancement she needed to come to life.  Pandora is so incredibly sweet and cheerful.  I love to hold her in my hand.  She is so cuddly.  I am discovering that Pandy is content, generally comfortable where ever she is and likes stories being read to her.  She is very imaginative and likes to talk to fairies.  She loves rhymes and rhythmic sounds.  Pandy's gift is to sense changes in the weather and environment.



Zoe: Zoe took a little bit longer to perceive.  I had difficulty with her droopy eye shape and the colouring as I could not decide on the wig....silver white or black.  I went round and round with it, even sitting with her in the middle of the night, trying to see her.  I almost wondered if we were going to bond at all.  Then today, I re-did her face, taking away the tomboy I had hoped I had, and found instead a little sweet angel, with thundercloud grey eyes and silver white curls.  She has the longest lashes of the four, giving a surprising lift by causing a focus to the upper eye and not the lower.  Funny how the black lashes work so well, when I in fact only used them because I ran out of the normal lashes.  These are far more dramatic.  I feel her presence now, and I am discovering she is very inquisitive like Audrey, worried like Olwen and a bit more serious than any of the children.  Zoe's gift is to sense the future.

Audrey: She is kissed by the sun, warm and friendly and loves to explore the world around her.  Her coppery hair and gentle freckles bring me such warmth and love.  Audrey chose me and started a love for the DZ BB's like no other doll I have had.  Audrey reminds me the most of Alice in Wonderland, very curious, very intelligent.  She has a gift of being able to read thoughts.  However she is too young to understand what the words mean.

Hamlet: The only boy, yet very attached to his sisters.  He loves to play cowboy and indians, camping, hunting and playing with boats.  He tends to like to argue for fun, tends to make fun of his sisters, but harbors no ill will, he just likes to be contrary.  It isn't hard for the girls to get Hammie to play with them.  Hammie often will melt women's hearts with his big brown eyes.  He sure did mine!  Hammie's gift is to find things that have gone missing.

Olwen:  Olwen is older than the children who are all about 5-6 years old.  She is 12.  Olwen worries about "growing up" and fears it as much as she looks forward to it.  She is protective of the children and often likes to play "mother" to them.  Olwen's gift is to withdraw into another world, to live for brief moments a story from a book.

None of the children understand their gifts.  Far too young to know the full extent of what will eventually become a powerful part of who they are as nisser.

What a wonderful Christmas this was!

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  1. Hello, Audrey* and Gang! I am one of Sarah's companion dolls. I've never said anything before but I love your adventures! Audrey*, I have a redheaded doll named after you. I think I'm your age and I wish I could come on the truck with you!