Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lacy Sweater Finished

On the sleeve, I decided to increase at about the elbow to the shoulder.  I just increased within the knit stitches.

You can see the pattern better here (sorry for the blurry photo).  Now I like this increase look so much, I plan on making a whole dress in this pattern!

It fits Susan like a dream!  It is a pullover with a boat neck.


Of course, she's not to happy about wearing slacks, so I promised to make some full skirts for her.

She sat in the window.  This is wear she usually sits when I am at my computer.  Her little window seat, just the right place for her thoughts to be her own.

I also sewed on the buttons (and hand stitched the button holes) on her heart dress:

I am so happy that I have expanded my range in knitting.  You knew it could be so easy?

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