Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was the first day of home time.  I rushed downstairs to find the various little packets I had bought during the run, some quartz beads, 3 pair of shoes for Olwen and a pair of gray glass eyes.  These little packets were all sitting on top of a box, which I knew was a gift from Alex.  She had mentioned it was something she found and it didn't cost much, something I could use on the truck so I thought maybe it was a little chair or a doll toy, but it was something that I had wanted for such a long time, a fabulous Trunk with a murphy bed!

I literally broke into tears, I was so happy!  When I think of the times I would find one, and would bid, I always lost the auction.  I just couldn't afford what they would go for.  As I understand it, they were sold by Cracker Barrel (restaurant) in their old fashioned shop, and they are no longer made.  There is a similar one made for American Girl size dolls, but this one is smaller, made for the 10-12 inch dollies.  Many years ago, I had seen one of these decorated to the hilt for a fancy french fashion lady.  There were small perfect perfume bottles on the vanity, little bundle of letters wrapped in ribbon, a fan....all the little details that so thrilled me.  Ever since seeing that, I have always wanted one of these trunks!  My only sigh, as I sat for perhaps a whole hour just staring at it in all it's perfect wonderment, I thought, once again, I wished I had stopped at just having Audrey.  This could have been a perfect little girls room!  But then I though about how much I love Hammie and well, the two new girls coming is part of a dream I have had too.

Just a couple of days ago, I was so sure we were not going to make it home for Christmas, and now, I have a Christmas present!

Oh and the wig I had bought for Olwen, well it is PERFECT!  I was so worried about the "honey" description for the colour, but it is the softest honey, not brassy or yellow at all.  More like a soft doe colour and she looks so pretty!  I am debating on whether to change her face up to match, her face up right now is more pale and silvery blue, I would love to give her more warmth.  I think I will wait to see if Zoe arrives in time, because she will need a face up and I can do both at the same time.  I won the auction for a "boy cut" pale blonde wig for Zoe, which will be perfect for my little tom boy girl.  So will the gray eyes, as they are too large for Olwen and I adore her bright blue eyes anyways.  So Zoe will be the more pale one, as the friend I had back in high school.  Pandy is the one I am not sure about yet.  I have a bid on a pale pink wig (I almost bought Evie a pink wig when I first got her) and have always wanted to try having a companion with soft pink hair!  That one won't come in time before I leave, so IF Pandy arrives, she will have to do with whatever I have in my bag of wigs.  I am worried about her not getting here in time....but that is the way it is with Christmas being in the way!  lol.


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  1. What a wonderful Christmas present! Unexpected surprises are the best! Olwen's new wig suits her really well. Enjoy your home time!