Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Audrey:  I'm hungry!  Can we eat now?
Hammie:  I don't want corn!  I want french fries!
Olwen:  I guess we can eat now, lets see if we can put it in the oven.

Hammie:  I am NOT eating it!
Olwen:  Oh, Hammie, quit fussing.  Corn is fine, maybe I can find something to go with it.
Audrey: the Indians like corn.

Audrey:  I'm telling! You can't take the corn!
Hammie:  Give it!
Audrey:  NO!

Audrey: (pushing Hammie back) You have to eat it.
Hammie: I want french fries!
Audrey:  You're not a good Indian!
Hammie:  I am too!

Audrey:  LOOK! An Angel!
Olwen: (to herself)  I knew it.  And Nanny's not even here to explain it!

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