Sunday, December 13, 2009


Depressed.  I have so many ideas running through my head, so many projects I would like to do, but trucking is not letting me express them.  I get so frustrated.  The constant bouncing leaves my knitting tension off, my fine sewing jagged, my fingers often poked and bleeding.  I tried to sit in back and play, but we get tossed around like tumbleweeds. Perhaps it's winter, perhaps it's the endless gray days.  I don't know but I just don't want to do anything.  Hopefully this will pass soon.

I was outbid on the last three dolls I bid on, knowing full well I would be.  I am not needing a new doll right now, I think I am just trying to put a thrilling edge to this depression to nudge it a bit out of the way.  I was so worked up about the Christmas Calender, I even have several days already photographed, and I have no desire to post them.  It's like I feel drained of colour.  I feel no pull towards anything.

I absolutely HATE Susan's wig.  I can't wait to try the tibetan lambs wool wig.  I will probably have to dye it, but it's has to be better than this one she is wearing.  It looks like straw.  She is keeping me company today.

I think Susan is as depressed as I am.  I am back to looking for a new name for her.  Today, I like Sylvia, Pella, Jenny and Norah.  I downloaded a really fun name generator off CNET, something I can play with when I am laying on my bunk at night with no internet.

I also downloaded a program called Life Chart.  It is pretty interesting, it maps out a person's life by events that have happened over time.  While I would have a dickens of a time trying to pinpoint timelines in my own life, I thought it may be an interesting way to track a life for my companions. Not sure what I would do with it, I haven't explored it all that much yet.   CNET is dangerous, I find all kinds of things when I am bored.  lol.

We are heading to NJ.  After that, we should be heading to TX to the company yard, then to home-time for Christmas.  I cannot hardly stand the wait.  Depressing.

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  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling down. I can't imagine the challenges you're facing, but I can empathize with the feelings!