Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Settling In

We have had a chance to settle in a bit, me and the 4 little children.  I am so happy, this is such a good thing for me.  Last night, I made up their little beds, tucked them in and watched them until I fell asleep.  Loving their sweet faces, their gentle souls.  No feelings of having to make companions sit because they are so large, not feelings of not being able to play.  I do wish I could have brought the trunk, but I want to work on it, make it just right as a playroom.  I have lots of ideas, so when I go back next time, I can work them into the playroom.

I have Zoe up here with me this morning.  She is so curious about all this trucking experience.  I am having troubles with her wig, it's too big and it seems I glued it on awkward, so that the one braid it too forward.  I tried rebraiding it further back but it didn't work.  I will have to wash it in very hot water to remove the tacky clue and see if I can reshape it.  I made the pants she has on as a test pattern, but since I needed to get the coats and hats done before I left, the sets of pants I want to make will have to wait.  I want to make rompers, jeans and winter type pants on the next home-time.   I LOVE that they can share clothes!  I am just not used to that, all of my companions have always had to have their own wardrobes.

I also finished Hammie's sweater:

It wasn't until I sewed it together that I realized I forgot to make a button hole at the top! I have no idea how I missed that.   Oh well.

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