Thursday, December 10, 2009

I binned

I did it again.  I looked at dollies on eBay.  Someone put a bunch of Zwergnase on, starting at $9, I bid on one, but only a little bit and I know I will be outbid.  I just had to.

So to console myself, knowing I will most definitely lose, I held Audrey and Hammie and smiled at Susan and decided it would be far better to look at practical things.  I found some yummy foods for Audrey and Hammie:



These should be fairly good in scale for them at 4-5 cm each.   I loved the rice, as that is exactly what Nisse's eat for Christmas.  Hope they arrive before I get there!

I also completed one more lacy sweater, this one I am sending to Tracy for trade in the wonderful cast iron cauldron that she sent me for Aloe Vera.

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