Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Memory

Audrey:  Hi Olwen!  What's a Christmas tree?  And how come we have one?
Olwen: It's a good thing, I just can't say just yet.  You two ask a lot of questions!
Hammie:  I like Christmas trees.  They are sparkle-ly.

Audrey:  (in a sing song tone) I know what you are thinking!  You're thinking we don't know who we are!
Olwen:  Oh oh, I am in trouble!  (tries to think blank thoughts).  So who are you then?
Audrey:  we are Audrey and Hammie!!!!!!  Silly.
Olwen:  Yes, that's true!

Audrey:  We are children.  Some day we will be grown ups and wear hats!
Olwen:  Yes, I suppose that is true too.
Hammie:  Peter Pan didn't grow up!  I don't want to grow up.
Audrey:  Me neither.
Olwen:  I do.  I want to wear earrings and lipstick!
Hammie:  Yucky.  I'm not wearing lipstick!

Audrey:  Look!  The Christmas tree is so pretty!  It is sparkling!
Hammie:  ooooooohhhhhh
Olwen:  It's very little, sometimes they are even bigger!

Audrey:  (in a dreamy voice) I kinda remember a Christmas tree, a long time ago.  It touched the ceiling.  It was silvery and had candles on it.........I remember........I  was wearing a circlet.......I was a princess.......

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